Allergy Testing

At PAAS, we perform a comprehensive, mostly needle-free skin test panel consisting of environmental and food allergens at your first visit. This allergy test requires that a small amounts of protein from each allergen be placed on the most superficial layer of skin to determine the extent of your body’s allergic response. Your results will be reviewed with you at the time of your visit by the provider. Expanded allergy testing may be available in special cases.

To skin test, you must be off all antihistamine containing medications for at least four days. We use epicutaneous testing as an initial screening tool to detect IgE to an allergy. While this is considered valid testing, we may place additional intradermals to identify clinically significant allergy missed by epicutaneous testing due to its higher sensitivity.

Allergy testing can help identify underlying causes for conditions such as asthma, eczema, hives, peanut allergies, other food allergies, hay fever, nasal polyps, chronic cough, allergic rhinitis, and more.

Check with your insurance plan regarding allergy testing costs, as this can vary with each plan.