Dear Valued Patient,

We wanted to update you on the precautions we are taking to stay ahead of COVID-19. Per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), we have implemented the following recommendations: 


  • We are making every extra effort to clean and sanitize our waiting rooms, patient check-in areas and examination rooms after every patient.
  • We ask that you please arrive on time for appointments, not too early, to allow for social distancing in the reception area. If available, you may request to wait in an examination room.
  • Hand sanitizer is available and use is encouraged throughout the waiting and examination rooms.
  • To follow social distancing guidelines, we ask that you make every effort to secure childcare prior to your visit. Please do not bring any sick children or visitors with you to our office.

Please reschedule your appointment if any of the following apply to you now or within the last 14 days:


  • You are experiencing a NEW ONSET fever (>100.4F), cough or shortness of breath.
  • You have traveled to China, South Korea, Iran, Japan, Europe or anywhere in the US with community spread.
  • You have had close contact with anyone known to have tested positive for COVID-19.

Please consider rescheduling your routine follow-up if you are at higher risk for complications of this virus (immunocompromised, have a chronic medical condition or are an older adult). You should not reschedule urgent problem visits. Please note at this time the ACAAI does not consider uncontrolled allergic disease or asthma to be a risk factor for COVID-19 infections. It is pertinent that all patients, especially those with asthma, continue taking their medications as prescribed to reduce or prevent exacerbations and airway inflammation. There is no evidence that as needed albuterol or oral prednisone will prevent COVID-19 or relieve its symptoms. If your asthma is not controlled, please contact us so that your asthma symptoms can be addressed. We encourage you to keep on track with your allergen immunotherapy (allergy shots) as scheduled to help control your airway disease, unless you have a new onset of the symptoms listed above. Any patient with a cough (even if due to allergies, asthma, or reflux) is encouraged to wear a mask.

We do not currently have testing kits for Coronavirus. At this time, testing is not recommended unless there has been a known contact or if symptoms (listed above) are consistent with infection. For further clarification on testing recommendations, see Illinois Department of Public Health site. If you develop emergency warning signs, including but not limited to acute respiratory distress, difficulty to arouse, or bluish discoloration of lips, seek medical attention immediately. 

Please be patient as recommendations are changing daily as new information emerges. We are receiving an influx of phone calls and we are working to answer all in a timely fashion. Should you have specific questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 or your disease control not addressed above, please schedule an appointment or conversation with a provider by telephone appointment. The charge for telephone consults will be submitted to your insurance company. If any of that charge is not covered by insurance, the balance will be the patient responsibility. Charges are as follows: 

  • 10 minutes or less: $50
  • 11-20 minutes: $75
  • 20 minutes or greater: $100


For the most update information, please see below:

We value your health and safety, as well as that of our staff.  We appreciate your continued trust in us and will continue to provide you with premier care during this time.

Dr. John Latall

Dr. Kimberly Ricaurte

Brian Moyer, PA-C

Eileen Siegel, PA-C

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